Shorty topics #7

Same as it ever was; still more “shorty” topics. This is set #7. Do one of your choice, due by email Sunday night, October 21st, to the usual person. Remember, the readings for this week are the Kahneman and the Schwarz & Strack, available on the Readings page.

  1. What is the (a) the best reason and (b) the worst reason that Kahneman gives for claiming that we should try to find and unify a common single “GB” value?
  2. Do you think that Kahneman’s comments shed any new light on the idea of the “hedonic treadmill”? If so, what? If not, don’t do this one.
  3. What is a way in which Schwarz & Strack claim that conversational norms (or conversational implicature if you prefer) affect satisfaction and happiness reports? Does this seem like a serious problem for the assessment of happiness and well-being? Why or why not?
  4. What claim of Schwarz & Strack’s seems most centrally in conflict with some claim of one of the authors we’ve read earlier in the semester? Does this conflict seriously undermine the earlier author’s point? Why or why not?