3 Oct 2014

ToW #3

The next Thought-of-the-Week is due Mon 10/06 at 8:30. It’s on the discussion board on Blackboard.

26 Sep 2014

Topics for paper #1 up

The topics for paper #1 are now up on the Papers page. Paper #1 will be due Tuesday October 7th at 8:30am.

23 Sep 2014

Exam #1 review sheet

The review sheet for exam #1 is now available on the Exams page.

16 Sep 2014

Exam #1 date set

Exam #1 will be Monday, September 29th.

10 Jul 2014

About this course

This is the home page for Philosophy 442/542, Phenomenology, to be taught in the Fall semester of 2014 by Professor Ron McClamrock of the University at Albany Department of Philosophy. You can get a sample syllabus here. I expect some minor changes for the fall 2014 version of the course.

If you have questions about the site or the course, please e-mail me at rmcclamrock at albany dot edu.

Course Description: This course examines the historical and conceptual development of phenomenology in the 20th century, starting with Husserl’s “presuppositionless and purely descriptive science of the structures of consciousness”, and including works by Sartre, Heidegger, and Merleau-Ponty. We’ll emphasize (a) the idea of a presuppositionless account of consciousness; (b) the motivations for and nature of the “existential turn”, and (c) connections between phenomenology and both analytic philosophy and scientific psychology.