I’d appreciate it if you would all take the end-of-course survey posted via the Online Activities page. It shouldn’t take more than about 5 minutes. I’ll leave it open until Saturday, 12/21.

Also, would you please take a couple of minutes to do the official UAlbany course evaluation via your MyUAlbany page? Those will go away quickly, so the sooner the better.


The review sheet for exam #3 is now up on the Exams page. The exam will be given in the final exam period on Thursday, December 19th, at 9am.

Topics for essay #3

The topics for writing assignment #3 are now up on the Paper Topics page. Paper #3 is due on Wednesday, December 18th, at 11am (by email).

The video lecture on Fodor and propositional attitudes is now posted here.

Thought-of-the-week #7 is due at 11:30am on Friday (11/15). Do it at the discussion board on the class Blackboard page.

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