Exam #3 review sheet

The exam #3 review sheet is now posted on the Exams page.

As previously announced, Exam #3 is scheduled for Friday 12/13 @10:30am (as indicated in the UA final exams schedule).

Welcome to PHI 416/516, “Philosophy of Mind”

This is the home page for Philosophy 416/516, Philosophy of Mind, being taught in the Fall semester of 2019 by Professor Ron McClamrock of the University at Albany Department of Philosophy.

A very preliminary syllabus for this course is here. There will be some changes along the way for this instance of the course, but the first half or so of the course will be much the same.

Course Description

An examination of the modern version of the traditional mind-body problem and issues connected with it. Topics to be covered will include varieties of dualism and materialism, the problem of mental causation, reductionism and the mind-body problem, the relevance of various kinds of scientific theorizing about mind to the traditional mind-body problem, and some puzzles concerning qualia, embeddedness, and intentionality.

If you have questions, please contact me at rmcclamrock at albany dot edu.