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Varieties of PowerPoint minimalism

I often run across advice on PowerPoint presentations of the following sort: Keep your slides very simple, with as few words as possible. Lawrence Lessig might be the king radical of this sort of strategy — he’s notorious for the … Continue reading

30. December 2009 by Ron
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Tweet tweet

I’m echoing to twitter now. More info here. The posts from here and my course pages (PHI111 and PHI416/516) will all show up (shortened, of course) at profon at twitter. Just a little experiment.

17. July 2009 by Ron
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Powerpoint in college classrooms

I teach college classes in “smart” classrooms a fair bit — classes that have a computer hooked up to an LCD projector. And with a fair number of my classes, I teach from PowerPoint overheads. I used old-fashioned transparencies in … Continue reading

06. October 2007 by Ron
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