Exam 3 scores are now available

Scores on exam #3 are now available inder “My Grades” in the left menu on Blackboard. This will tell you your score out of 100 points; grade equivalents and the distribution can be found in the usual place on the Exams page here; the exam key is there as well (as usual).

If you have grading questions, see the key first, than talk to Jeff (he saw all of them) before the next exam is given.

Overall course grade status will be posted on the web page this weekend.

No meeting Fri 4/03

As announced in the lecture/notes, there will be no Zoom meeting Fri 4/03 (today); we’ll be back at 12:35 on Mon 4/06. But there is a lecture posted for today, and a pop quiz due Sunday at midnight.

Exam 3 is live closed on Blackboard

UPDATE: Exam 3 is now closed (as of 9am 3/30.)

Exam 3 is now available on Blackboard. You may start it anytime from now until Monday 3/30 at 8:00am, but you only have 60 minutes to finish it from the time you start it. (It says “You may save this test and resume it later”, but the 60-minute timer does NOT stop if you do that.)

Zoom meeting Fri 3/27, and continuing

The next scheduled class Zoom Meeting will be at 12:35pm on Fri 3/27. There’s no online lecture for Fri 3/27, and the content of the live meeting will be review for the upcoming exam #3. Go to the Using Zoom page to get the address.

I won’t announce each meeting and lecture here on the front page each time, starting next week. There will be a meeting with at least one of us on MWF @12:35pm and a lecture posted by each morning on MWF unless otherwise announced. The classroom address can be found on the Using Zoom page; the lectures are linked on the Overheads page.

Lecture 23 (Wed 3/25) and quiz

Lecture 23 (for Wednesday 3/25) is up now on the Overheads page (a bit early). There’s also a pop quiz (the substitute for the clicker quizzes) available on Blackboard under the Part 3 of the course section, due Thursday at 6pm.

Next week, I’ll stop posting a front-page post for each lecture, as I did early in the course. You’ll be informed by announcement when each quiz is available.

Lecture 22 (Mon 3/23) and quiz

Lecture 22 (for Monday 3/23) is up now on the Overheads page (a bit early). There’s also a pop quiz (the substitute for the clicker quizzes) available on Blackboard under the Part 3 of the course section, due Wednesday at 6pm (not 9am as originally stated).

Exam #3 information

Exam #3 will be held via Blackboard; it will be available from 5pm Friday 3/27 until 9am Monday 3/30. You will have 60 minutes to complete it once started. The review sheet is now available on the Exams page; more information there as well.

Lecture 21 quiz – Due @8am Tue 3/24

The quiz for lecture 21 (from 3/13) is now available on Blackboard under “Part 3” of the course. It’s a 5-minute 4-question multiple-choice quiz, and it’s due at 8am on Tuesday 3/24. It counts as part of the clicker grade. Please make sure to do it not only to get the points, but to see how the online quizzes will work.

Moving forward after spring break

Well, as much as I kind of hate Blackboard, we’ll be using it to move forward in our course. I expect that our quizzes and exams will be given as time-limited tests there. Bear with me as we make this transition. Take a look at Blackboard and click on our class; you should at least see this announcement there.

I expect to have a first “pop” quiz (substituting for clicker quizzes) up in the next day or so, which will be likely be due early on Tuesday 3/24. I’m going to shoot for having our exam #3 on Friday 3/27 as well, and an exam review sheet will be posted soon. Lectures will be posted as we go, and Jeff and I will schedule online real-time streaming sessions for questions and discussions, likely in the original class times (MWF 12:35-1:30), and probably using Zoom.

The lecture materials for part 3 of the course are (as usual) on the “Overheads” page here.. Those include the overhead notes from lectures 16-20 (the lectures given in class), and the notes, video, and audio from lecture 21 (from Fri 3/13). I’ll add to them as we go.

More details as we figure them out. Stay tuned

First online lecture

Our first online lecture “21: Mind-Body 6”, for Friday 3/13 has now been posted to the Overheads page. There are the usual notes, a full (MP3) audio file of the lecture, and videos of the narrated Powerpoint for those who prefer that. The content of the audio+notes and the videos are identical; use whichever works for you.

Moving to online delivery of the course

As you’ve heard from President Rodriguez, “in response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, effective March 23, 2020, all University at Albany courses will be delivered remotely until further notice.”

And as announced in class, we will start with online delivery of class content this Friday — the lecture for Friday 3/13 will be posted as an online video or videos, available by Saturday 3/14.

We won’t be meeting in the week after spring break; lectures will be posted on MWF, but the exam scheduled for 3/25 won’t be given then. More details about lectures, exams, and online office hours will be posted as they emerge. The requirements as given on the syllabus may also be revised, as in-class exams are not a possibility, at least for now.

I hope we can all work together to finish out the semester in a way that provides as much continuity of course content as is possible under these somewhat extreme circumstances.

Exam #2 date and review

The review sheet for exam #2 is now available on the Exams page.

As announced, exam 2 will be given in class on Friday, February 28th; and the review session will be on Thursday 2/27 from 7-8pm in LC22.

Exam #1 date and review

The review sheet for exam #1 is now available on the Exams page.

As announced, exam 1 will be given in class on Monday, February 10th; and the review session will be on Sunday 2/9 from 7-8pm in LC21.

Day 1 notes are up

The notes from today (Wed 1/22) are up on the Overheads page. You’ll need the password from class. (I won’t normally make a front page post when I put up notes; just this time because it’s the first day.)

Welcome to “The Mind & the World”

This the home page for Prof. Ron McClamrock’s Philosophy 111, The Mind and the World, to be taught in the Spring semester of 2020.

A preliminary course syllabus is available from the link in the right column of this page.

Here’s a brief course description:

A survey and critical examination of topics in contemporary philosophy, focusing largely on the relationship between the human mind and the natural world. Topics will include skepticism about knowledge of the external world, the relationship between the mind and the brain, the possibility of the mind causing free actions, and the existence or non-existence of God. Grade will be based on a combination of in-class exams (80%) and in-class quizzes and polls (20%, using the iClicker).

Note: You’ll need an iClicker (which you can get from the bookstore), and it will need to be registered. Here are some instructions on Registering your iClicker at iClicker.com.