Moving forward after spring break

Well, as much as I kind of hate Blackboard, we’ll be using it to move forward in our course. I expect that our quizzes and exams will be given as time-limited tests there. Bear with me as we make this transition. Take a look at Blackboard and click on our class; you should at least see this announcement there.

I expect to have a first “pop” quiz (substituting for clicker quizzes) up in the next day or so, which will be likely be due early on Tuesday 3/24. I’m going to shoot for having our exam #3 on Friday 3/27 as well, and an exam review sheet will be posted soon. Lectures will be posted as we go, and Jeff and I will schedule online real-time streaming sessions for questions and discussions, likely in the original class times (MWF 12:35-1:30), and probably using Zoom.

The lecture materials for part 3 of the course are (as usual) on the “Overheads” page here.. Those include the overhead notes from lectures 16-20 (the lectures given in class), and the notes, video, and audio from lecture 21 (from Fri 3/13). I’ll add to them as we go.

More details as we figure them out. Stay tuned