Welcome to “The Mind & the World”

This the pre-semester home page for Prof. Ron McClamrock’s Philosophy 111, The Mind and the World, to be taught in the Fall semester of 2020.

The content for this course will be available through Blackboard and not on this web page as the semester moves forward.

This course is being converted to an all-online course for the Fall 2020 semester. Lectures will be posted as online videos and notes, and all exams will be given via Blackboard. The course will be asynchronous (i.e. pre-recorded lectures will be posted, and needn’t be watched at any one unique time), but it will not be self-paced. This means students will be required to keep up on an instructor-established schedule of lectures, online quizzes, and online exams.

A preliminary course syllabus is available from the link in the right column of this page.

Here’s a brief course description:

A survey and critical examination of topics in contemporary philosophy, focusing largely on the relationship between the human mind and the natural world. Topics will include skepticism about knowledge of the external world, the relationship between the mind and the brain, the possibility of the mind causing free actions, and the existence or non-existence of God. Grade will be based on a combination of online exams and quizzes.