Exam #1 review sheet and session

Exam #1 (as announced in class) will be given in class on Monday, 9/16. The review sheet is now available on the Exams page, and the review session will be held on Sunday 9/15 from 7-8pm in LC-19.

Office hours

Our office hours are now set; they are: Ron McClamrock: Hum 314; Mon 2:40-3:40 and Fri 10-11 Jeffrey Jacques: Hum 255; Wed 10-11 and Thu 3-4 Will Kidder: Hum 255; Tue 4-5

Day 1 notes are up

The notes from today (Mon 8/26) are up on the Overheads page. You’ll need the password from class. (I won’t normally make a front page post when I put up notes; just this time because it’s the first day.)

Welcome to “The Mind & the World”

This the home page for Prof. Ron McClamrock’s Philosophy 111, The Mind and the World, to be taught in the Fall semester of 2019. A preliminary course syllabus is available from the link in the right column of this page. Here’s a brief course description: A survey and critical examination of topics in contemporary philosophy, […]