Clicker scores:

The final posting of clicker/pop-quiz scores (as of 5/12/20)is up now, available HERE. Scores are posted by your Post Code, given to you on your returned exam #2.

Registering your clicker for this course:

Go here for specific info about registering your clicker for this course.

General info on Clickers

This course uses the iClicker system for in-class quizzing and poll-taking. So, one of the requirements in this class is that you get and use an iClicker for in-class quizzes and polls.  You can purchase one at the main desk in the Campus Bookstore; they cost about $60. Any of the iClicker brand devices will work in this class — the iClicker2, the iClicker+, or the older original iClicker.

There will be pop quizzes & polls every day this class, and these will be managed and scored by the iClicker system. All of the pop quizzes, polls, and participation of this sort will count as indicated on the syllabus.

You are responsible for getting your own clicker, bringing it to class each day, and using it. Not doing so means you’ll get no credit for any quizzes or polls on days when you’re without it.

Once you get your clicker, you’ll need to go to and register it, using your first and last name, your 9-digit student number, and the individual clicker ID number, found on a sticker on the bottom of the back of your clicker. If you don’t register the clicker, you won’t get credit for using it.

You are to only use your own clicker, since they will be linked to your student ID. Using someone else’s clicker instead of (or in addition to) your own is the equivalent of turning in work you’ve done under someone else’s name. That’s cheating, of course, and will be handled like any other cheating: Anyone caught doing it will be failed for the course and turned in to the Dean’s Office for further disciplinary action, including possible expulsion from the University.

More information about registering and using your iClicker will be available in class on the first day. Try to have purchased yours by the first day of class, and at least by the second meeting, since we’ll start using them right away.

UAlbany has a bit of information about iClicker use at the UA here.

Note: If you have an iClicker and the ID number has rubbed off, you can get the ID number from‘s Remote ID Lookup Tool — or, if that doesn’t work, go into the Help Desk (LC-27) and they can extract the number for you.