Transition FAQ

I’ll use this page to post answers to frequently asked questions about the transition to online delivery in this class, and will add to it as needed. Please also check the static page on the online transition in this class for information.

Q: Will the grades be posted on Blackboard?

No. unfortunately, Blackboard still sucks. I will post grades on the course web page, using your Post Codes that were given to you on your graded exam #2.

Q: Are the Zoom sessions mandatory?

You won’t be penalized any points on your grade by failing to attend these; there won’t be points you get just for attending these; and class-critical information (like when and where exams are) will be posted on the web site and not just mentioned in these meetings. So in that sense, it’s not mandatory.

Q: Can I switch to S/U in here?

Yes. You can switch to S/U without using up your S/U grading opportunities, as is generally the case for the classes this semester.

Q: I screwed up on my first online pop quiz; what can I do?

I’m increasing the number of dropped pop-quiz/clicker-day from your 5 lowest to your 6 lowest.