Course Feedback

There are two places where I’d like to ask you to do feedback and evaluation for this course:

  • The official UAlbany course evaluations are available via your MyUAlbany page. Click on the Evaluate Courses link; you can do a very quick evaluation form there. As the UA says about this: “Your participation is essential to providing your perspective of this course, and on the instruction you receive, so please do them online, as soon as you can. (The department chair and instructor will receive the evaluation results as a pooled data set. No one will not know how any of you individually rated the course. The instructor will use your feedback to improve this course the next time it is offered and department chairs use them in the tenure and promotion process – so you do have an important role to play.” These are open to you through midnight on Tuesday 12/11.
  • My feedback form, which is for feedback that’s more about the detail of this class, is HERE at I’d appreciate you taking the 10 minutes to fill it in; it’s helpful to me in trying to improve the course, and I’ll give you an extra day’s worth of participation credit for doing it.. This survey will be left open through Tuesday, December 18th.

Thanks for taking the time to do these, and for your feedback about the course.