Assignment 1 topics up

The topics for writing assignment #1 are now up on the Papers page. Writing assignment #1 is due Monday, October 7th at 10pm.

Exam 1 review sheet

The review sheet for exam #1 is now available on the Exams page. As announced, exam #1 will be given in class on Friday 9/27.

Office hours

My regular office hours are Monday 2:40-3:40 and Friday 10-11.

Room change

As of Wed 9/11, the class will be meeting in Education 21.

ToW #1 is due Fri 9/06 at 9am

ToW #1 is due Fri 9/06 at 9am; see the ToW page for more information. UPDATE: Responses are now posted; see the ToW page.

Welcome to PHI 416/516, “Philosophy of Mind”

This is the home page for Philosophy 416/516, Philosophy of Mind, being taught in the Fall semester of 2019 by Professor Ron McClamrock of the University at Albany Department of Philosophy. A very preliminary syllabus for this course is here. There will be some changes along the way for this instance of the course, but […]