REMINDER: THIS COURSE HAS A NEW WEB PAGE ELSEWHERE. The new site is at The one here isn’t being updated any more, as of 9/14/2020.

ToW #2 responses now up

ToW #2 responses are now up here; please give them a look before our meeting (6-8pm today, Tues 9/8).

Notes, readings, ToW topic

There’s new info under the Notes, Readings, and ToWs links to the right. Remember to use the all-purpose course password when necessary. The first ToW is due Wednesday 9/03 at 10am; see the ToWs link for more information. UPDATE: Responses are now posted here; please read them for class

Topics in Metaphysics: Conscious Experience

This is the preliminary web page for APHI 612, “Topics in Metaphysics: Conscious Experience”, to be held during the fall 2020 semester by Prof. Ron McClamrock of the UAlbany Philosophy Department. This course will be conducted online via synchronous meetings held from 3-6pm on Wednesday, starting W 8/26. Here’s the preliminary course description: An examination […]