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This is residual home page for PHI 652, Topics in Philosophical Psychology, taught in the Spring semester of 2010 by Professor Ron McClamrock of the University at Albany Department of Philosophy.

Here's the course description:

A graduate seminar on current work at the intersection of philosophy of mind & psychology and phenomenology.  Recent work in philosophy of mind has both tried to embrace some richer notions of consciousness and its structure as well as attempting to integrate themes and insights from the phenomenological tradition in philosophy.  This seminar will take a critical and constructive look at such attempts.  Topics will include intentionality and perception, internalist and non-internalist views of consciousness, the role of embodiment in consciousness, and epiphenomenalism and the phenomenology of agency.

Students will write one long or two shorter papers, and will do at least one and likely two seminar presentations.

The course materials are all down now.  Please contact me via my home page for further information.