Clicker scores are now posted on the Scores/Grades page. Please check to make sure you have what you expect to have there.

Exam #2 review sheet

The Exam #2 review sheet is now up on the Exams page.

The exam will be held in class on Wednesday, 3/04. The review session will be Tuesday, 3/03 from 5:45-7:15pm in LC-5.

The exam #1 answer key and grade distribution is now up on the Exams page.

Unfortunately, I’m in bed with the flu. Given that we already missed one day for snow in this segment of the course, I’m going to push exam #1 back to Friday.

So: No class today (Monday), regular class Wednesday, and the exam will be on Friday in the class period.

The Exam #1 review sheet is now up on the Exams page.

The exam will be held in class on Wednesday, 2/11 Friday, 2/13.

Office hours

Our office hours are now set:

  • RM: Wed 1:40-2:30 and Friday 9-10
  • GB: Mon and Thu, 1:30-2:30

Day 1 overheads

The overheads for today are posted now on the Overheads page. (Normally, I’ll just post them and not make any special note of that on the main page.)

This the home page for Prof. Ron McClamrock’s Philosophy 111, The Mind and the World, being taught in the Spring semester of 2015.

The preliminary course syllabus is available here. There could be a few more minor changes.

Here’s a brief course description:

A survey and critical examination of topics in contemporary philosophy, focusing largely on the relationship between the human mind and the natural world. Topics will include skepticism about knowledge of the external world, the relationship between the mind and the brain, the possibility of the mind causing free actions, and the existence or non-existence of God. Grade will be based on a combination of in-class exams (80%) and in-class quizzes and participation (20%, using the iClicker).

If you have questions about the the course, please e-mail me at ron – at – albany – dot – edu.

If you’re here looking for last semester’s grades. look here.