The exam #2 key and distribution are now available on the exams page.

The review sheet for exam #2 is now up on the Exams page. The exam will be given in class on Wednesday, October 10th, and the review session will be held Tuesday, October 9th, at @7:00pm in LC-5.

The exam #1 key and distribution are now available on the exams page.

The exam #1 review session is now scheduled for 6:30pm on Thursday 9/20 in LC-2.

The exam #1 review sheet is now available on the Exams page. As announced, the exam will be Friday 9/21 in class.

As announced in class, exam #1 will be given in class on Friday, 9/21.

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The notes from today (Mon 8/27) are up on the Overheads page. You’ll need the password from class.

I won’t normally make a front page post when I put up notes; just this time because it’s the first day.

This the home page for Prof. Ron McClamrock’s Philosophy 111, The Mind and the World, to be taught in the Fall semester of 2018.

A preliminary course syllabus is available from the link above or to the left.

Here’s a brief course description:

A survey and critical examination of topics in contemporary philosophy, focusing largely on the relationship between the human mind and the natural world. Topics will include skepticism about knowledge of the external world, the relationship between the mind and the brain, the possibility of the mind causing free actions, and the existence or non-existence of God. Grade will be based on a combination of in-class exams (80%) and in-class quizzes and polls (20%, using the iClicker.