PHI 315, “20th Century Philosophy”

This is the home page for Philosophy 315, 20th-Century Philosophy, last taught by Prof. Ron McClamrock of the University at Albany Department of Philosophy in the Spring semester of 2020.

A syllabus for the course is here.

Course Description: A survey of the history of Western philosophy during the 20th century. The course will start with the beginnings of the linguistic turn in Anglo-American philosophy; follow its development into the analytic philosophy that dominated the middle of the 20th century; examine commonalities and contrasts between this analytic movement and the largely phenomenological tradition that developed in Europe during the same period; and explore some of the changes in philosophical outlook that came with the latter-20th-century turn away from analyticity. Topics will include meaning and its analysis, the separation of the philosophical and the empirical sciences, the divide between the analytic and phenomenological movements, and the emergence of contemporary philosophy of language, science, and mind.

If you have questions please e-mail me at rmcclamrock at albany dot edu.